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2017 - 2018 Season

Welcome to Lakeland Performing Arts Association’s 36th Year!

Each year we strive to offer the finest entertainment that appeals to a wide variety of tastes. We take pride in being able to do this at an affordable and reasonable price.

This year we are pleased to offer six concerts, so, accordingly, our price will increase to $60 for the six performance series. For those unable to attend all six performances, we also offer our "Snowbird" package. This is an excellent alternative that includes three concerts.

We appreciate your support whether you have been a member for over thirty years or are joining us for the first time. Your help is crucial for our continuing success. I am sure you would not be surprised to know this is not inexpensive to produce. Besides memberships, LPAA relies on other sources of funding. We are thankful for the support we receive through donations from the St. Matthias Thrift Shop, Wisconsin Arts Board, the Northern Arts Council, as well as our benefactors, patrons, donors and contributors whose support exceeds their subscription costs. Without your donations, we could not continue to offer high-quality entertainment. I ask that you continue your added support possibly increasing it this year. If you have not donated in the past, I ask that you consider initiating one this year. All support over the subscription cost is a tax-deductible donation. You may obtain more information by contacting Kay Suffron at (715)686-2668.

On behalf of LPAA and its board of directors, I present the 2017-2018 concert series and invite you to enjoy it with us. Just complete the form, and return it with your payment. We are looking forward to seeing you at our concerts and thank you for your support.


Jay Woolf

Lakeland Performing Arts Association


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