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2017 - 2018 Season

On Stage

March 9, 2018

“For me, dance is life. Let your life be like a bright, interesting and unforgettable dance…” – Zulumkhan Khanghereiev, Artistic Director”

Lezginka, the Merited State Academy Dance Company of Daghestan, was founded in 1958. For more than 20 years its organizer and leader was People’s Artist of Russia, Tankho Izrailov. This is what Rasul Gamzatov, famous poet, once wrote about the emergence of the Lezginka Ensemble: “With the birth of the Lezginka Ensemble each of us experienced a feeling that comes with the birth of a long-expected child. And a healthy, handsome and talented child it was.”

The Lezginka Company of 40 dancers offers an extensive program of fiery, temperamental dances of the numerous peoples inhabiting this Mountain Country. Its entire choreographic and music works convey the might and noble endeavors of the Daghestan people that are treading the highroad of national development in the multinational family of the people of Russia.

Its dances express boundless love for one’s native land, its heroic past and wonderful present, they reflect the power of human love, the people’s heroic struggle for their happiness and pride for their country. The program comprises traditional dances and their modern arrangement. The concert is organized with great artistic taste and offers a broad variety of dances. The stage interpretation of traditional folklore motifs, the artists’ high performing mastery and emotional pitch, along with the novelty of the subjects of the dances, leave an indelible impression.

Each concert is a festival of dance, elegance and beauty. The Lezginka Company with its artistic director and choreographer, Zulumkhan Khanghereiev, People’s Artist and winner of State Prize of the Republic of Daghestan, have created a program that brings forth the people’s culture, traditions and high performing mastership in all their brilliance. The repertoire always involves the careful studying of unique national traditions and folklore.

The Lezginka Dance Company has performed with invariable success in the cities of Russia, in many European and Asian countries. Their return to the United States is something special NOT to be missed!

Lezginka State Dance Company of Daghestan

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